Accessories and options

Experts in military
periscope technology

We can offer a range of accessories and options for our tank and AFV periscopes, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Laser Filter Protection (LFP)
  • Embedded image digital displays, for a hybrid digitalised solution
  • Blackout blinds
periscope accessories and options

Customised solutions

We also have the in-house capability to design, develop and qualify accessories to customer specific requirements. A thorough understanding of human factors for AFV applications is critical for successful integration into vehicle platforms. Plus we have a wealth of experience in this field. In case of any special requirements for your periscopes, our Engineers will provide you with customised solutions and on-site support.

We are professionals in this area of expertise with in-house optical simulation and the latest 3D CAD tools at our disposal to ensure optimised solutions for custom applications. We are keen to engage and actively pursue end user feedback at the design stage, so that their practical experiences can be accommodated in future designs. Customised solutions are not just offered for new vehicle projects but also for upgrades to existing legacy AFV fleets.

If you have a custom requirement or are seeking a solution to a specific problem, please do contact us.

periscope laser filter
Example for a bespoke periscope design